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Writer Es draws the reader into this well devised tale from the opening lines... filled with a host of interesting, well fleshed characters, Es proves his ability as a superb storyteller with this initial offering. a fast paced page turner filled with snappy dialogue and people beset with powerful motivations. Recommended read: Five Stars

Molly Martin, Author’s Den

Great book. I cried all the way through, but don't tell anyone...    Es has a unique literary voice which transcends style and takes on a life of its own… a subtly unforgettable work.

Joe Hartlaub,

Like his obsessive, eccentric protagonist, commercial pilot Edward Es literally shoots the moon in his debut novel, Skyeyes, a complicated sci-fi/fantasy geared towards children.  Skyeyes is a fictional milky way concoction that's part rocket science, part unexplained phenomenon, and part religion…

... truly an inspired testament to the resilience of the human spirit.  In fact, If Skyeyes were ever to shape-shift into a movie, it has the potential to grow up and become a brilliant shooting star.

C.J. Schepers, Editor, Creative Communications


This is astonishing work. That a modern-day author would create a story which not only affirms the existence of our- everyone's God, but in a very real way proves it, is awe inspiring at the very least. I am humbled by your depth of understanding and the gift of communication you utilize so well to convey it to all of us. A joyful song.

McNeil Johnston

Skyeyes is one of the best books I have ever read, and I believe everyone who reads this book can relate it to something in their lives that was just as powerful. Whenever I'm depressed about school or what my future will be, I think of this book and it gives me hope. The way that Tom loved his son was so profound, I never imagined a love that great, except God's, which I know is unconditional. When I think about how my mom and dad love me that way, I feel so much better, and safer. I think every child should know that, and through this book, children can. The lengths that parents will go to for the love of a child, especially in this world, makes me appreciate this book more. It makes me look forward to getting married someday and having children of my own. So thank you for that Mr. Es, thank you.

Kaitlyn, Age 17

I started your WONDERFUL book the beginning of last week. I finished it Sunday morning with tears streaming down my face. I was alone, and I was thankful for that as I was too emotional to talk to anyone. You are truly a master. Where did you pull that emotion from? Have you lost a child? I belong to a book club. I gave your book to one of the members at our Christmas gathering and I'm going to recommend it for our February book. Thank you for the gift of writing your wonderful book. This book in now in my "Top Five Favorites" and it must be very special to earn that place. I want to know when and if there will be a sequel.

Susan Spotts

Mr. Es:
Your novel was the best piece of writing I have read in many years. You definitely have a command of the language. Writing in present tense added excitement and urgency to your well crafted plot. I felt I was an eyewitness in this riveting adventure, and I laughed and cried and held my breath to see how it would turn out. What a ride! A Sincere Fan,

Pamela Wood- Professor of Drama and English

The first civilian shooting himself into space, although spectacular and gripping, is not the core of this great book in which the personages, their intimate personalities and the landscape mold themselves in your mind surprisingly vividly. Children, with their innocent and expectant minds, are the next generation to run this beautiful breathtaking planet, and it is our great responsibility to guide them to adulthood. The core and soul of Mr. Es' book is a forceful and touching appeal for the future of humanity on planet Earth.

Flavia Olingi

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